Welcome! I'm Allen E. White...

Get a personal or business website/blog installed and setup quickly with tons of features and a great looking design. Whether you’re starting a new website/blog or just want to give your current one a makeover, you’ll get a custom looking website without the custom price.

Awesome WordPress Websites and Blogs Fast & Easy!

Custom wordpress designs

I have installed, setup and configured over 1000 WordPress Websites. If you are looking to get your WordPress website up and on the web for FREE, I can get do that fast and easy. I will setup your basic WordPress website on your own hosting account. Here is what you get for FREE:

  • Hosting & Domain support – I will help get your hosting & domain in place if you need it.
  • Full installation and setup of the latest version of WordPress –
  • Plugins? – I will install a handful of very helpful plugins that cater to your needs
  • SEO – I install all the tools to make your site visible to the world.
  • Tools & Resources – I provide you with great tools & resources so you can become a WordPress pro.

Did I mention that I have a low cost for support and customization? – I know I don’t charge much compared to other designers, that’s because I love what I do and I have a full time job running a development team for a big company!

I do have paid services and packages for those of you that want more than the basic setup. Check out my Services page to learn more.

This is 100% freelance for me and 100% FREE for you. I’m just glad to help out.